April 7, 2011

Cleaning House

Okay, okay, okay... So I know I said I was back to blogging but I'm not really writing any blogs.
But, I promise I am crafting... It's just I can't show you what I'm working on until after the 16th! But I'll get those crafts done this weekend, get photos taken and have them ready to show you as soon as the 17th gets here. ;) But it does contain BLUE and RED and GOLD -- no, it's not a Fourth of July Day craft. You'll see!

I've been thinking of hosting a giveaway... I don't have too many blog followers but I have a few fans over on Paper Love's Facebook page! I currently have three ideas:
  1. A pack of cards (any occasion),
  2. Something you can re-gift, or
  3. A customized card.
Head over to my poll if you'd like to give your opinion! Click here.

In the mean time, can you believe Easter is just a few weeks away? If you need a simple card, check out Rusty Flowers over my Etsy shop.

Rusty Flowers by readysetlove
I've also be hard at work SPRING CLEANING. I am not a fan of spring cleaning... Neither are my allergies. But at least I'll know where all my craft supplies are again. :)

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  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. This card is really lovely, and the idea of a giveaway is always a good one! Thanks for your sweet comments on my project at PC's 350 Cards and Gifts blog hop! Next time I'm in town I'll bring some cookies over...;)

  3. This card is lovely :) I soooo need to clean out my craft room, its scary !!! thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. my 'follower thingy' (technical term LOL)was down yesturday, but if you want to be a follower, its back now :))) have a great day x


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