April 18, 2011

50 Years of Magic

50 years of MAGIC Banner © readysetlove

My dad had his 50th birthday on Saturday and we threw an (almost) surprise party for him.
He figured it out a couple hours before. Boo.

Above is the banner I made for him to go with the theme of the party: 50 Years of Magic!
My dad is a magician (super fun, right?) and I knew I had to create something to represent his magic-ness and silliness. I thought a banner would be great! He could hang it up in his studio somewhere with bright lights so everyone can see it as soon as they walk in! Just kidding, but I know it'll fit perfectly somewhere in the arrangements of other blue and red items.
My dad always wears blue as "Wilde" and his magic duo partner always wears red as "Oz"... Oz & Wilde!

Oz asked me to make a card for my dad to give to him for his birthday, I thought it would be super fun to have it match the banner like a set!

Wilde Birthday © readysetlove
Super fun, right? :) There's more photos over on my Facebook page.

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  1. This is so awesome!! It's so cool that he will be able to keep and proudly display that banner for a long time to come!!!!


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